Why use Tower Marketing?

Please explore the sections below, detailing some of the reasons why you should utilise Tower Marketing Consultancy and, most importantly, discover how and why Tower Marketing can help your business grow.

  • Expertise
  • Philosophy
  • Process
  • Partners

With experience and qualifications that can really make a difference to your business, Tower Marketing Consultancy is your Marketing resource on tap

Qualifications of the partners in Tower marketing Consultancy include an MBA and a Postgrad Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Experience has been gained in several sectors:
Energy / Hospitality / Food Retailing / Leisure / FMCG / Franchising
And in senior management roles in both Corporate and Entrepreneurial companies.

All of the advice and support provided has been proven to be beneficial. We have put this advice into action and made a difference to businesses.

For example:-

  • Developed the long term marketing strategy for a £2.3bn business, increasing customer retention to 97%
  • Developed the Brand and Marketing strategy for a £4m business, resulting in a 46% increase in sales
  • Launched a re-branded range of products into the food retailing market, winning a National Business Award for innovation
  • Managed a £100m company with 5000 staff, winning new clients through complicated tender processes.
  • Developed an online proposition that delivered ROI of 700%

Let our Expertise help your business to grow.

The Partners in Tower Marketing Consultancy are grounded in reality, with operational experience of running businesses.
Our Philosophy has evolved from that experience and ensures that we will always deliver to our clients.
We know what it is like to run a business and we appreciate the difficult decisions that must be taken.
We therefore make sure that our advice, support and delivered projects are always backed up with facts and provide options for clients.

Our Philosophy is :-

  • To seek to exceed expectations of our Clients
  • To deliver on time and to budget
  • To provide facts and options to enable Clients to make decisions
  • To utilise the most up to date research, insight, market knowledge and tools to deliver the right solutions for our clients
  • To listen to and understand our clients business and then work in sync with it.
  • To not shy away from telling it like it is, when necessary.

Get some Marketing Expertise for your business

Our Process Cycle

Each stage in the process is clear and easy to see what progress is being made. We work in conjunction with your business.

This process can be done quickly if required, or in more depth for more complicated businesses.
Get Tower Marketing Consultancy’s processes to deliver effective marketing solutions for your business.

We are Marketing Experts.

We are not Web designers, Graphic Designers, Creative Directors, Photographers, Printers or your Banker! We do make a good cup of tea though!

We will utilise the expertise and specific skills of our partners, wherever and whenever necessary.

We have built up a network of partners that work with the same philosophy that we do and with the same processes that we do.

We are pleased to use their expertise to help your business.

We are able to provide cost-effective support for your business by providing resource on tap and we manage the experts for you.

Use the cost-effective resource of Tower Marketing to grow your business.

If you would like to become a Partner of Tower Marketing Consultancy, please contact us.

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